TWIN Impact 2022

June 1-3
New World Center
Miami Beach, Florida

A Singular Moment

Join us for TWIN Impact 2022 in Miami Beach at the New World Center – the greatest venue in all of South Florida for our gathering. Arts-focused, built for collaboration, learning and tech-enabled throughout.

How can businesses thrive? What will you create? How will you advance in business and life, in digital environments and our good old-fashioned “real world’?

Be part of our TWIN global connective exploring what’s coming, what it means for you, your family, company and the world. Build your game plan real-time in collaboration with some of the most creative, proactive people in the world.

Discover allies for your quest.
If you would like to inquire about attending, contact us.
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It is as great of a business platform as a positive change catalyst in many social and environmental issues.
TWIN is a network you can trust.
TWIN is a role model for other innovation networks. TWIN is both brother and sister of JIN. TWIN inspired us to create JIN in 2013.
I view TWIN as the quintessential and barrier free technology platform linking the game changers of our world.
I have attended numerous TWIN events and I always carry away a lot of new ideas and more importantly, new friends.
TWIN is a "mela" to celebrate engagement on issues that folks are passionate about irrespective of their belief systems.
It is as great of a business platform as a positive change catalyst in many social and environmental issues.
TWIN is a network you can trust.
TWIN is a role model for other innovation networks. TWIN is both brother and sister of JIN. TWIN inspired us to create JIN in 2013.
I view TWIN as the quintessential and barrier free technology platform linking the game changers of our world.
I have attended numerous TWIN events and I always carry away a lot of new ideas and more importantly, new friends.
TWIN is a "mela" to celebrate engagement on issues that folks are passionate about irrespective of their belief systems.
Chief Futurist & Head of the Future Hub, SAP, Berlin
Co-Founder & CEO, XR Americas, Colombia
CEO, Japan Innovation Network, Tokyo
Chief Marketing Officer, Altitude Strategies Qatar
Father of Modern Marketing SC Johnson Professor Int'l. Marketing Kellogg School of Management Member since 2006
Managing Partner, 3rd Eye UK and India

A Few of the Topics We'll Explore

Metaverse & Virtual Worlds
• What the heck is the Metaverse?
• The Neuroscience of Virtual Worlds
• Trust in the Metaverse
• Beyond NFTs: What DeFi means for YOU
Breakthrough Health & Wellness
• Organizational Wellness, Resilience & Performance
• Reinventing Healthcare for better lives
• Human Health in Space
Global Resilience & Evolvability
• Where Never Before: Drones Ascend
• Supply Chain Robustness
• Transformative Production Models
• FinTech, InsureTech for Resilience & Evolvability
View from the WORLD
• MIAMI: City for the Future
• NORDIC View: Achieving True Prosperity
• AFRICA: Continent of the Future
Leading Movements
• Leading Successful Movements at Scale
• Lessons from Regime Change
• Purpose-Driven Leadership for Impact
Amplifying YOUR Impact
• Converting YOUR Vision to Action
• How Attention Leads to Action
• Engaging your TWIN Community and beyond

LOCATION: All sessions will take place at the New World Center.

Our Opening Day will be all about reconnecting after two years of covid-induced isolation. You can’t win if you don’t play. Join us for the sport and spirit of TWIN.
12:00 pm – 04:00 pm
PRE-REGISTRATION (Pre-Program participants only)

Registration opens for participants in our pre-program “Purpose Sessions” with TWIN Impact 2022 sponsors. Purpose Sessions are three-hour invitation-only working sessions focused on topics of critical interest for our sponsors and for TWINians at large.
12:00 pm – 01:00 pm
LUNCH (Pre-Program participants only)

All Purpose Session participants are welcome to join us at the New World Center for a casual lunch prior to your heavy-lifting work this afternoon.


Two concurrent programs, both at the New World Center (Invitation-only Working Sessions)
01:00 pm – 04:30 pm
Trust & Commerce in Decentralized, Web 3 Virtual Worlds
Sponsored by Discover

Join Discover’s VP of Innovation and longtime TWINian, Alisa Ellis, and experts from across metaverse, virtual environments, AI, retail, entertainment and beyond. We’ll explore the challenges and opportunities for community and commerce in virtual realities where concepts like identity, agents, ‘people’ and others will change dramatically over the coming years.

How should businesses and regulators proceed? How should we all best proceed as consumers, citizens, avatars… and human beings?
01:00 pm – 04:30 pm
Achieving Transformative Health Solutions
Sponsored by FQA & CareQuest

How can we leverage new technologies, business models and paradigms to not just improve but transform human health? Healthcare industry advisory FQA brings breadth and expertise across the healthcare ecosystem. As a foundation, CareQuest promulgates their vision of a pivotal role for oral care and health diagnostics touching all aspects of human health.

Innovators from outside the healthcare arena will join TWINians like Mariya Filipova, Vijay Murugappan, Lee Shapiro, Dr. Geoffrey Ling, Dr. Guy Kezirian and Dr. Ralph Chu who are transforming the industry from within.

LOCATION: New World Center

11:30 am – onward
Registration Opens for All Delegates

MUST ATTEND: Join us for a drink, conversation, welcome address—and a quintessentially-TWIN tradition.
05:00 pm – 05:30 pm
Meet and re-meet fellow TWINians in the lobby of the New World Center— and be part of the magic.
05:30 pm – 05:45 pm
TWIN Impact 2022 Welcome

Robert C. Wolcott
Co-Founder & Chair
TWIN Global
05:45 pm – 06:30 pm
Share Your Vision, Change Our World

Live our TWIN Motto: Never leave serendipity to chance. Share YOUR vision with a small group of TWINians… and discover how much better we are together. Articulate a mission objective of most importance to you and fellow TWINians will offer their trusted relationships to help.
06:30 pm – 08:00 pm
Welcome Dinner at the New World Center

Connecting and reconnecting. Expect this to become a TWIN tradition. Be here from the beginning. We’ll also learn from New World Symphony co-founder and our host, Howard Herring, about their global mission.

Howard Herring
President & CEO
The New World Symphony
09:00 pm
After Hours… (optional)

Reconvene after hours at one of our event hotels on Miami Beach (location TBD)… but be ready for our 08:30 am start tomorrow morning…

LOCATION: New World Center


08:30 am – 08:45 am
Welcome… and Transcend

Robert C. Wolcott
Co-Founder & Chair
TWIN Global

Ian Maksin
Cello Virtuoso & Composer
Co-Founder, Cello for Peace
(Russia & US)

Open our morning with a New World Symphony alumnus, Russian-born cellist and composer Ian Maksin. Since the opening of Putin’s war against Ukraine, Maksin has dedicated his performances in support of the Ukrainian people.
08:45 am – 09:05 am
Miami– City for the Future

Few regions have risen faster across the technology investing and entrepreneurship verses than the Miami Area. And life’s pretty good here, too. Hear from three leaders whose teams are helping catalyze Miami’s rise.

Daniella Levine Cava
Miami-Dade County

Felice Gorordo
eMerge Americas

Howard Herring
New World Symphony
09:05 am – 09:25 am
Powering the Future: The Global Energy Transition

We all want—and need—sustainability, but the path will not be direct. TWINian Declan Flanagan has not only been a leader in the renewable energy arena, he’s founded a major enterprise, Lincoln Clean Energy, acquired by Danish energy leader Ørsted A/S for which he led one of their three divisions. Today, he’s building a new enterprise to lead through the next decade. I’ve always valued Declan’s perspective for his authority, candor and insight.

Declan Flanagan
Bluestar Energy Capital
Former EVP & CEO Onshore, Ørsted A/S
09:25 am – 09:55 am
Transcending Illness: Transformative Models for Health

My father, Bob Wolcott, would likely be 81 years old this year if we had had real-time health monitoring– in 2004. That’s just the start. How can we define, develop, validate and scale up truly transformative approaches to health and wellness? Vijay Murugappan’s firm FQA is the leading health industry-focused advisor. Entrepreneur Sumit Jamuar is changing our genetic world—literally. Mariya Filipova is active in about every role you can imagine to envision and transform healthcare, from investor and entrepreneur to corporate executive— and patient.

Mariya Filipova
Chief Innovation Officer
Health Investor & Board Member
TWIN Patron

Sumit Jamuar
Genomics Entrepreneur
Co-founder, Global Gene Corp

Vijay Murugappan
09:55 am – 10:10 am
Human Health, Ecosystem Health: ONE Health

Peter Hudson is one of the world’s leading researchers in zoonotic infectious diseases, particularly the transmission of pathogens from bats to humans. Via his 30 years in the field, he’s seen first hand the profound impact of ecosystem health on human health— and the sorely lacking nature of current health paradigms. ONE Health is a global movement of researchers, medical professionals and patients— all of us—dedicated to changing that.

Peter Hudson
Willaman Professor of Biology
Former Director, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences
The Pennsylvania State University
Co-Founder & Science Advisor, Random Good
10:10 am – 10:25 am
Sustainable, Inclusive Prosperity

Panama’s Minister of Tourism Iván Eskildsen and his team, including senior advisor Dario Jhangimal, envision a thriving tourism sector that supports and enhances the economic, environmental and social prosperity of indigenous communities and the country at large.

They’re doing a lot more than just envisioning. They’re making it happen.

Iván Eskildsen
Minister of Tourism
Government of Panama

Stephanie Wolcott
ESG Strategy Lead, BNY Mellon
Co-Founder & Advisory Board Member
TWIN Global
10:25 am – 10:45 am


10:45 am – 11:00 am
NEXUS: The New Convergence of Art, Technology & Science

Julio M. Ottino
McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science
Northwestern University

Dean Julio Ottino and co-author internationally acclaimed designer Bruce Mau in May, 2022, launched an artbook regarding the critical convergence of this century. As we endeavor to create better worlds– physical or virtual, on Earth or beyond— how will we design them and how will we make them real? Art, Technology & Science.
11:00 am – 11:20 am
Web3, Distributed Finance, Distributed Economy

We’ve all heard of Defi. What does it— and could it– mean? Hear from two TWINians at the forefront of distributed finance, commerce and, really, distributed everything. They’re not just trading crypto (though they are doing that, too), they’re each making this stuff real for businesses and governments.

Chris Autry
Founder & CEO
Iothic Ltd.
(UK & Italy)

Amy ter Haar
Blockchain Lawyer & Entrepreneur
Board Member, Ocean Falls Blockchain Corp
Of Counsel, Templeman LP
11:20 am – 11:40 am
What the heck is the Metaverse– and why should we care?

What is all this mumbo-verse-jumbo? Learn from technologists, designers and entrepreneurs who are answering this question.

Jon Morris
Founder & CEO
Founder, Windmill Factory

Helen Lohmus
Director, Design
Cre8Lab Founding Member

Andrus Raudsalu
Cre8Lab Founding Member

Robert C. Wolcott
Cre8Lab Founding Member
11:40 am – 11:50 am
Meta Before “Meta”— In Action

TWINian Sam Glassenberg started Level Ex “by accident” and has since sold to BrainLab to amplify their missions worldwide. Sam and team were building “video games for doctors” long before some Silicon Valley guy decided to rename his company Meta.

Sam Glassenberg
Founder & CEO
Level Ex– A BrainLab Company
11:50 am – 12:15 pm
Designing – Verses

In a future where design of our lived experiences will become ever more comprehensive and essential, designers will continue to rise. What does great design mean in a world where every aspect of the experience can be modified, invented, catalyzed— anything? TWINians know they’re in for inspiration and edification with Brian Collins. We’ll discover new worlds with Pico Velasquez.

Brian Collins
Chief Creative Officer

Pico Velasquez
Founder & CEO
12:15 pm – 12:35 pm
Neuroscience of the Metaverse
This is your brain on virtual worlds. We know whom to ask: Dr. Moran Cerf, TWIN’s resident neuroscientist and raconteur extraordinaire.

Moran Cerf
Associate Professor of Marketing & Neuroscience
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University
Alfred P. Sloan Professor, American Film Institute
12:35 pm – 12:45 pm
Metaverse… VERSE

Verse about -Verses from our Verse Master.

Marshall Davis Jones
Spoken Word Artist
Voice & Presence Coach
12:45 pm – 02:00 pm

June 2 Afternoon


Spend an hour going deep in small-group interactive sessions. This is a superb opportunity to get to know fellow TWINians and make some serendipity happen. Three concurrent sessions each at 02:00 pm and 03:30 pm in different rooms around the New World Center. Alternatively, create your own conversation near our coffee break area.


02:00 pm – 03:00 pm
Women to the Forefront

Ann Drake
Founder & CEO
Lincoln Road Enterprises

Aina Fadina
Head of Platform & Investor
Atento Capital
George Kaiser Family Foundation

During a year of continuous surprises, join us to explore how women can make a bigger, broader impact on our world in global supply chain, business, engineering, technology, infrastructure, and space. Our breakout will be led by Ann Drake, a former senior supply chain executive focused on women’s leadership and Aina Fadina, entrepreneur and venture investor.
02:00 pm – 03:00 pm
Storytelling for Impact

Chris Gebhardt
Co-Founder & President
The Random Good International

Elliot Kotek
Founder & CEO
The Nation of Artists

Consider what well-told, well-placed stories can do for your business, non-profit or life in general.

If you’ve been with us before, you’ve seen Chris in action sharing stories about stories: not just the what, but the why and how. He and his brother Randy founded Random Good International to produce documentaries to catalyze attention and dialogue about people and organizations making extraordinary contributions to the world. TWINian Elliot Kotek has been making award-winning documentaries– and making great things happen as a result– for years.
03:00 pm – 03:30 pm


03:30 pm – 04:30 pm
Purpose-Driven Leadership for Impact

Anthony Howard
The Socratic Leader Academy

Explore how purpose relates to, and amplifies, leadership effectiveness and action. Business philosopher Anthony Howard– Australia’s CEO Whisperer—will share insights from two decades of work with senior leaders.

A human is fundamentally a meaning seeking entity. How can we point the ship if we don’t know where we aspire to go?
03:30 pm – 04:30 pm
Global Tech Investing Outlook: Dark Clouds, Bright Opportunities

Jim Chu
Founder & CEO
Untapped Global
(Africa & Silicon Valley)

Serhat Cicekoglu
Sente Foundry
(Turkey & US)

Maris Prii
Head of Investor Relations in the US
Estonian Investment Agency

Lee Shapiro
Managing Partner
7wire Ventures
Co-founder, Livongo & Transcarent

Karim Shariff
Majlis Investment Management

Fanny Eliaers
Sustainability Strategist
MIT Graduate Student
Board Member, C2

Many of our TWINians are at the forefront of investing: emerging technologies, frontier markets, early-stage through scaling phase. We’ve invited a few of our community’s top voices to share perspectives, then open the conversation to the room. Be part of the future as it happens.
04:30 pm – 05:30 pm
05:30 pm – 07:45 pm
Reception & Dinner

Dine on the main stage of the New World Center’s magnificent concert hall. The experience and the show will arise all around us.
08:00 pm – 09:30 pm
Etudes for Innovation, Opus 14

For many of us, Etudes is the highlight of our annual TWIN gathering. For me, it’s a highlight of my year. (I suppose I need to get out more.) TWIN Creative Director Jeffrey Ernstoff brings years of experience creating arts experiences and lends his curatorial eye to our theme, Transcend. For this year’s show, the New World Center’s concert hall becomes integral to our experience… and even becomes part of the ‘talent’.

Our partner Steinway & Sons will showcase their Spirio technology that has not only awed many serious music lovers (like me), but has driven 30% annualized growth and a path to an IPO. The lead for Steinway’s SE region, Solange Merdinian, also happens to be a renowned mezzo soprano. She will be joined by a lead engineer from the team that created their Spirio technology, as well as one of Steinway’s renowned artists.

And more… you will NOT want to miss this.

Kadri Voorand
Jazz vocalist, pianist & composer
Estonia’s Musician of the Year for 2020

TWIN Impact 2022 FINALE!
LOCATION: Truist Pavilion, New World Center

08:30 am – 08:55 am
TRANSCEND: 21st Century Worlds and Beyond

Welcome to our Miami Area guests and those joining us via livestreaming. Professor Wolcott will frame our journey– and the art works amplifying our experience.

Indian artist Raghava KK, who has been with us at TWIN since his first appearance with us in 2011, has over the past two years risen to true international fame in the art world. His art incorporates many traditions, transcends genre and explores mythical worlds and how we create and experience them. Special thanks to TWINian Kunal Sood for the introduction and continued support of Raghava’s exceptional work.

Robert C. Wolcott
Co-Founder & Chair
TWIN Global

Raghava KK

Kunal Sood
Founder & CXO
08:55 am – 09:20 am
The Corporate Mandate: Leveraging Legacy, Transcending Constraints

Society won’t prosper without a thriving private sector. Each of our panelists have been leaders in the pursuit of innovation at scale, from biotechnology and financial services to communications and media technologies. How can established enterprises leverage legacy without being constrained by it? How can they achieve financial success for shareowners while simultaneously benefitting the world at large?

Lindsay Androski
Roivant Social Ventures

Alisa Ellis
Vice President, Innovation

Debu Purkayastha
Managing Partner
3rd Eye Capital

Toby Redshaw
Verus Advisory
TWIN Chair Emeritus

Kaihan Krippendorff
Founder & CEO
Outthinker Network
09:20 am – 09:45 am
Nordic Prosperity: What we can learn, how we can engage

In no region of the world has prosperity been so consistent and widely shared as the Nordics. Part of the magic is their interest in engaging with the world and the recognition that prosperity requires hard work and collaboration. Nordic Innovation has been with us many times over the years, and none of our global TWIN partners have been as supportive and engaged as the Open Innovation Lab of Norway.

I’ll be participating in Oslo Innovation Day September 1. Hear from our Nordic TWINians why you should visit the region with me.

Tor Andreassen, Ph.D.
Professor of Innovation
NHH Norwegian School of Economics

Truls Berg
Founder & CEO
Open Innovation Lab of Norway
TWIN Patron

Maria Fiskerud
Chief Sustainability Officer
Braathens Regional Airlines
Project Lead, Nordic Network for Electric Aviation

Yngvar Ugland
Executive Vice President, DNB NewTechLab

Robert C. Wolcott
Co-Founder & Chair
TWIN Global
9:45 am – 10:10 am
Liftoff! Transcending Our Formerly Forever Home

Many of us dream about space. A few TWINians are making it happen. Dorit Donoviel leads NASA’s grant program for Translational Research in Space Health (TRISH). Kelly Larson founded and leads a company to provide communications services in orbit—and eventually beyond. (Her company might eventually allow you to “phone home.”)

Dorit Donoviel, Ph.D.
Translational Research in Space Health/ NASA
Associate Professor, Center for Space Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine

Kelly Larson
Founder & CEO
Aquarian Space

Chris Gebhardt
President & Co-Founder
Random Good
10:10 am – 10:25 am
UPDATE: Proximity, Pharmaceuticals, Earth & Beyond

Some of us build billion dollar companies that change the world. Retired US Army Colonel Dr. Geoffrey Ling shared his visions for our world at TWIN Global 2018. He and his team have since founded OnDemand Pharmaceuticals— a scale-up valued at over half a billion dollars on the way to transforming pharmaceutical supply worldwide… and likely beyond. TWIN Advisory Board Member Chip Bailey met Geoffrey at our 2018 confab and has been a trusted business advisor ever since.

Geoffrey Ling, M.D., Ph.D.
Founder & CEO
OnDemand Pharmaceuticals
Professor of Neurology & Physician
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Founding Director, Biological Technologies Office (ret.)
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Craig “Chip” Bailey
Managing Member
Mandeville Advisors LLC
Advisory Board, OnDemand Pharmaceuticals
TWIN Advisory Member
10:25 am – 10:45 am
10:45 am – 11:05 am
Ukraine, Europe & the World

Ukraine is fighting for a new civilization—a civilization of resolve. That resolve is freedom combined with strength. It is the freedom of the soul combined with the strength to achieve our desires as well as to protect those achievements. This is the Ukrainian contribution to the worldwide effort to build that vision of the future in which all of us would like to live.

Oleksiy Arestovych
Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine
11:05 am – 11:25 am
Cyber: From SciFi to IRL… and Beyond

Guy-Philippe Goldstein envisions and confronts the intersections between cyber and conflict both as a senior analyst and advisor to major investors and governments– and as an award-winning Science Fiction author. Former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu recommends Guy-Philippe’s science fiction work as a top read for anyone concerned about national security and cyberspace. We’ve asked him to share what every informed citizen should know about this rapidly emerging threat space.

Guy-Philippe Goldstein
Strategic Advisor
Expon Capital
Senior Analyst, Wikistrat
Author, Babel Minute Zero
11:25 am – 11:50 am
Personal & Organizational Resilience for High Performance

Trauma can be something catastrophic like war and natural disasters or lingering and insidious like a pandemic. Manuela Mischke-Reeds is one of the world’s recognized experts in understanding and treating trauma. In 2021, she joined Justin Milano and his team at to help individuals and organizations enhance wellbeing and performance. Sydney Savion, CLO of Google spinout CityBlock Health, was recognized by her global peers as the world’s top Chief Learning Officer. They’ll share what resilience means for enterprises— and for each of us as human beings.

Justin Milano
Founder & CEO

Manuela Mischke-Reeds
Chief Mental Health Officer
Founding Co-Director, Hakomi Institute

Sydney Savion, Ph.D.
Chief Learning Officer
CityBlock Health
11:50 pm – 12:05 pm
Leading Movements: The Physics of Change

Author and digital pundit Greg Satell researched what it takes to generate movements at the societal level, with those who’ve made it happen in countries across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. He’ll share insights we can apply to our own missions: business, personal, civic or otherwise.

Greg Satell
Researcher, Author & Digital Pundit
Author, Cascades: How to Create a Movement that Drives Transformational Change
12:05 pm – 12:25 pm
From Personal Tragedy to a Far Better World

Transcendence can mean overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. It’s especially amplifying when such efforts lead to a truly better world. Sandra Abrevaya and Brian Wallach transformed Brian’s ALS diagnosis to meaningful change at the national level. The definition of shifting your karma for the good.

Sandra Abrevaya
Co-Founder & CEO
Synapticure, Inc.
Co-Founder, I AM ALS

Brian Wallach
Co-Founder & Board Chair
Synapticure, Inc.
Co-Founder, I AM ALS
12:25 pm – 12:45 pm
TRANSCEND: Space, Virtual Worlds– to Forever

Professor Wolcott offers concluding remarks—and welcomes a few surprises from your fellow TWIN Impact delegates– and returns us to our worlds with purpose… a bit transformed.
This year’s theme, TRANSCEND, reflects not only our voyages beyond Covid– and now war in Europe– but also to the Metaverse, virtual worlds, the Moon, Mars and beyond. We’ll share foresight with leaders creating the future today, explore what these futures might mean for each of us, and help you translate this to ACTION. Most of all build trusted relationships with some of our world’s most innovative people.

Digital technologies enabling what was heretofore impossible. Frontiers of health and wellness, energy, food and nutrition. Distributed Finance (DeFi) and the broader Distributed Economy. The Metaverse—what it means and doesn’t, and how businesses and individuals can navigate.
Thank You To Our Sponsors


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Host & Writer, Tech 24
France 24
Truls Berg Norway
Founder & CEO
Open Innovation Lab or Norway
TWIN Patron
Rob Wolcott
Adjunct Professor of Innovation
University of Chicago & Northwestern University
Managing Partner, Clareo
Co-Founder & Chairman, TWIN Global
Lee Shapiro
Managing Partner
7wire Ventures
Co-founder, Livongo & Transcarent
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Venture Investor & Serial Entrepreneur
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Youth for Technology Foundation
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Russian Presidential Academy
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Talvia Consulting
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark Trade Commissioner, Southern Europe
João Ribeiro da Costa Portugal
Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics
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Head, Cannes NEXT
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MarkPlus, Inc
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Dr. Rafael Salmi
Richardson RFPD
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Chief Digital Officer
AYA Bank
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