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Welcome to The World Innovation Network, and welcome to TWIN Global 2019: Vision

Vision is both prosaic and profound. For most of us, it provides our primary contact with the world at hand. Meanwhile, we employ vision as projections of possible worlds and idolize or vilify those who create them.

At TWIN Global 2019, we’ll explore vision in all of its nuances, from the science of perception and future of truth to CureBlindeness’s vision to eliminate curable blindness worldwide by 2035. A global vision about vision.

Immersed in sight each day, vision appears familiar, yet, selon philosopher Henri Bergson, :The eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” While comprehension might limit what we see, it does not limit what we can create. Have you ever imagined ideas, notions you’ve yet to understand? Clarify only arises in conflict with opacity.

Beyond sense perception, vision refers to our ability- perhaps unique to homo sapiens- to imagine new worlds. Vision contradicts itself. We both see only what is within our field of view, yet envision what has not yet manifest.

As I argued in a Forbes article last year, “Everything starts as fiction.” Certainly, visions of new technologies, businesses, works of art- but I meant everything. Creative visions initiate and iterate our lived experiences, philosophies, realities. Even science.
While many imagine science to provide privileged access to what is really real, we must humbly recognize that science begins as fictions- hypotheses, most of which fail- and changes over time. Our bedrock shifts.

Our bedrock at TWIN Global is our community of those with whom we aspire to create new worlds, and who, meanwhile, make our lives better for the knowing.

As we co-create, note Friedrich Nietzsche’s encouragement, “The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.: Envision, experiment, share, believe. Visions unshared die. Only through the social realm might they manifest, rise within our fields of view. With TWIN Global, we bring each of us closer to fulfilling TWINian Martin Wesowski’s admonition from TWIN Global 2018, “Design the futures you desire.”

Sincere thanks for co-creating these few days together, and beyond.

To the Future,
Robert C. Wolcott
Co-Founder & Chairman

TWIN Global

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TWIN Global 2019
|September 17-19, 2019|
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