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At TWIN Global 2018 we endeavor to enable your missions as you do ours-- building a truly global community of trust.

Where we look inclines and circumscribes what threats and opportunities we discover. Day-to-day concerns compel myopia. It takes discipline to step back, look far and select paths to futures we desire. At TWIN Global 2018, we’ll explore horizons from the edges of Earth and beyond, to our distant past and far futures.

The first two images in this year’s TWIN GuideBox offer both vessels and anchors for our journey. Casper David Friedrich’s Wanderer presents an individual atop a summit surveying the distance in time and space. Emblematic of the Romantic Era, and one of my favorite images, the piece for me embodies humanity’s drive to explore, create, scale, even conquer, in context of far more beyond our control. The enormity of the space surrounding the protagonist—perhaps ourselves—suggests our insignificance against the powers of nature and the need for humility and reverence.
The image from the Chauvet Cave, site of the oldest known cave paintings, reflects for me a moment the lights of awareness and self-reflection intensified in our ancestors. Who was the first individual— and at origin it was an individual — who lifted charcoal or ochre to form an image of the world, reflective, idealized, defining and affirming the self in context of a wider universe?

Beyond—also within—any sightlines, far more looms indeterminate, intriguing, compelling, even terrifying. Until our final moment, we can expect that past current horizons lie many more. It is our choice and challenge to remain aware and navigate as best we can.

We aspire that here at TWIN Global you’ll advance your journeys in satisfying, invigorating, perhaps unexpected ways. Blessings for your expedition these few days and beyond.

To the Future,
Robert C. Wolcott
Co-Founder & Chairman

TWIN Global

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Professor Wolcott presents PROXIMITY at the World Government Summit in Dubai
|March 2023|
TWIN Global 2018
At TWIN Global 2018 we endeavored to enable your missions as you do ours-- building a truly global community of trust.
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