Kunal Sood

Kunal Sood is an internationally renowned impact entrepreneur and award winning disruptive innovator. From serving in the slums of Mumbai as a Global Health scientist with Harvard at PUKAR to building global movements at the United Nations General Assembly with world leaders, explorers, and artists, Sood is on a mission to make the impossible possible as the Founder of X Fellows, NOVUS and #WeThePlanet. Forbes named Sood an Impact Icon and highlighted him as a movement builder at the inaugural Forbes Impact summit given his work as the curator for TEDx at the United Nations, NOVUS and launching highly successful global campaigns such as #WeThePlanet #SDGInnovation, #SDGMoonshots, #FirstWoman and #NeverAlone. His work for social innovation and impact has also been featured in The Week, Hindu, Fortune Magazine, Times of India and Republic TV. He is a TED Resident, Tribeca Disruptor Fellow and Innovation Fellow at Columbia University.
Currently he serves as a global ambassador for the Non-Violence Project, Singularity University and OpenEXO. Sood has a lifelong love for learning having earned five Master’s degrees that includes an A.M./M.Sc., from UCSF, M.B.A., from Kellogg at Northwestern University and M.A./M.Phil., from University of Pennsylvania. He started his career in the fashion and wellness industry in New York City 20 years ago after graduating from Parsons School of Design before dedicating his life’s purpose towards transforming the world and positively impacting a billion lives over the next decade.
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