Scott H. Filstrup

President at TCL
Scott Filstrup has combined his expertise, experience and enthusiasm to corporations, charities and communities for over 50 years. Scott’s focus is creating positive impact through collaboration with organizations he serves.

Scott has been extensively involved with Northwestern University where he received his BS in Engineering and his MBA (Kellogg). He was the first non Midwestern to be President of Northwestern’s 240,000 member Alumni Association and served as an active Northwestern Trustee. Scott currently is on the Kellogg Global Board, the Bienen School of Music Advisory Board and is global Co-chair of his 55th Northwestern Reunion.

Scott Filstrup has served on over 20 Corporate and Private Equity Boards in energy , medical, environmental, transportation, chemical, high tech and health firms. He has been CEO or an executive of early stage and turnaround companies and now serves on a technology firm as well as two health and wellness firms. Scott’s merger, acquisitions and divestitures experience is extensive.
Filstrup has been a mentor and leader for entrepreneurship and Innovation. Proud to be an honorary founder of TWIN, he has served on task forces for KIN and TWIN attending a magnitude of global TWIN events. Scott was selected Entrepreneur of the year (Oklahoma) by the United States House of Representatives.

A core value to Scott is to be a positive force for nonprofits, nationally for Opera America, National Association of Business Economics, Rotary, the American Marketing Association, and other Trade Associations. In addition Scott is proudly assisting “Songs by Heart”, a leader in using classical trained singers to assist in measurable improvements for memory, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and overall wellness.

In Oklahoma, Scott Filstrup currently is President of the Tulsa Rotary Foundation and is Chair of Tulsa Opera’s Endowment. Previously Scott was President of Tulsa Opera, the American Marketing Association, the Summit Club, and the Williams Management Association.
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