Sally Cudmore

General Manager
APC Microbiome Institute
University College Cork
Sally has a biochemistry degree from University College Cork in Ireland and a Ph.D. from the Cell Biology Programme at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany. She was then awarded EMBO and HFSP postdoctoral fellowships for cytoskeleton research at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). Following this she moved to industry, to Elan Pharmaceuticals in Dublin as Group Leader of Cell Biology and Project Leader on a gene delivery joint venture with a Seattle-based biotechnology company, Targeted Genetics. During this time Sally completed an M.Sc. in Technology Management at the National Institute for Technology Management in University College Dublin.

In 2002 Sally returned to University College Cork where she took on the role of General Manager of APC Microbiome Ireland, a large research institute which studies the microbial community (microbiome) that lives in the human gut and its impact on human health. APC Microbiome Ireland has over 300 researchers and clinicians from diverse backgrounds (e.g. gastroenterology, microbiology, food science, nutrition, immunology, neuroscience, biochemistry, psychiatry, neonatology, cardiovascular health, gerontology).
APC research focuses on how habitual diet affects microbiome composition, and mining the microbiota to identify functional components (potential functional foods or therapeutics) which can promote health and help prevent and treat disease. This is of relevance to many populations, such as infants, athletes and elderly, and very relevant to disorders such as obesity, cardiovascular health, inflammation and colon cancer. Under Sally’s stewardship APC has won over €200 million in competitive funding, collaborated with more than 70 companies from the food and pharma sectors, trained 600+ alumni, spun-out 4 companies, and published over 3,000 research articles. APC is ranked #1 globally for research in antimicrobial and therapeutic microbes and is in the top 5 institutions in the world for microbiome research.

In 2012 Sally co-founded a start-up company, Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd, and was the (part-time) CEO until 2015. Atlantia provides clinical trial expertise for the food, beverage and supplements sector that want to establish if their functional ingredients or dietary supplements have health-promoting, physiological benefits.
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