Bob Hendrickson

Serial Entrepreneur
TWIN Advisory Board & Patron
Born in Brooklyn, NY, attended Brooklyn Tech HS and Baruch College in Manhattan, now reside in Florida and New York.

Serial entrepreneur, technologist, futurist and founder of companies leveraging Real Time Rules-Based Decision Engines optimized with exponential technologies, including:

The William Ryan Group Inc. a leading real time data base customer service, marketing, and analytic solution provider to the gaming and financial market segments,

Robert Christopher Technologies, owner of several Patents and other IP around real time decision event database marketing and event activation,
RealTimeAction, providing real time mobile customer marketing event solutions to the hospitality segment that optimize employee and customer satisfaction and value to the organization,

NewsCheck and FinCheck leveraging a proprietary ML/AI/NLP machine, expert human and crowd sourced content analysis and scoring engine, the Spriitz, a patent-pending intra-mouth product and drug delivery device that interacts in real time to analyze consumption and effect to customize and optimize dosing efficacies and consumer outcome.

Blessed to be a Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend, Partner, Father to two fantastic sons.
Trying every day to be the best human I can be.
Humbled by the opportunity to collaborate within the amazing TWIN community.
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