Plamen Russev

Webit Foundation
Dr. Plamen Russev is a Bulgarian serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist with over 25 years experience in tech and innovation and founder of one of world’s largest and impactful communities of innovators, digerati and world leaders – Webit.

Currently he is executive chairman of Webit.Foundation – the organization behind the fastest growing tech events – Webit.Festivals and the Webit global community.

With the power of Webit and his personal global network Dr. Russev is changing the narratives about cities and entire countries building one of the most powerful marketing and rebranding campaigns.

Such an example is Bulgaria. While in the past international media called Sofia “the capital of the poorest country in EU”, today the same media (The Economist, Forbes, etc) attribute the new image of Sofia as “Digital Capital” to the role of Webit as catalyzer in establishing the city and the country “as a credible location for technology talent and investment”.
Prime Ministers, Ministers, CEOs and Presidents of the world’s largest and/or most innovative companies, scientists and investors are part of the global Webit community.

Dr. Russev has been appointed a GW Ambassador for Digital Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, becoming the third such ambassador in the world.

Plamen Russev is featured in hundreds of international and local media and blogs including The Economist,, Bloomberg, CNBCe, Forbes, Venture Beat, CNN to name a few.
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