Dr. Vishal Nangalia

Royal Free Hospital
Founder, ELU AI
Vishal is the Founder of ELU AI, a startup using AI in healthcare and new modalities of communication. He is also a Consultant Anaesthesiologist with a focus on Regional Anaesthesia, at the Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust, UK.

Vishal’s research and entrepreneurial activity focuses on bringing artificial intelligence to both the medical and haptic communication arenas. He has developed machine learning based algorithms and technology systems to not only identify patients at risk of clinical deterioration but also to predict future health decline. He is developing novel haptic communication systems that leverage the processing capability of the human brain. He also uses augmented reality on a day to day basis to enhance the patient experience during regional anaesthesia.

Recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vishal has been the Communications Lead for the Anaesthetic and ITU departments and managed a 24/7 team of doctors, nurses and medical students to co-ordinate the unprecedented surge in activity. He led the deployment of over 50 walkie talkies within a multilevel comms structure that included a website and custom instant messaging channels.
Vishal built his expertise in the interface of medicine and technology by initially developing a proficiency in space medicine and its interplay with advanced spacecraft technology. Early on in his career, he worked on systems engineering at the International Space University, long term human adaptation/acclimatisation at the European Space Agency, the management of heart rhythm disorders on the international space station at NASA, and the training of the doctor on a mission to mars.

He has a BSc in Aerospace Physiology from Kings College London, an MBChB from the University of Leicester, is a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, and a PhD in Medical Machine Learning from UCL. He loves music and pushing the human race to the singularity.
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