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Geoffrey Ling: From DARPA to Life

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When you think about all you try to do, it’s easy to talk yourself out of it — the science is just too hard, nobody’s ever done it, blah blah blah blah blah. Look for ways to say ‘yes’.
—Dr. Geoffrey Ling
As we move from our co-located extravaganza back into the digital realm, I have some exciting news to share. Today we begin releasing videos from TWIN Global 2018 on a regular basis through December.

Rather than releasing the videos all at once, we’ve chosen to take this journey *with* you. This gives us time to enjoy once more some of what we experienced together in Chicago, and and to share it with those of you who missed joining us in person.
We’ve thematically organized the release of our sessions: politics, science, technology, space, etc.
We start at the intersection of science, technology and politics, with Dr. Ling’s talk From DARPA to Life. Those of us who were there undoubtedly recall the session, the stunning technologies Dr. Ling and team are now commercializing for the private sector and of course, the standing ovation. If you weren’t there, I particularly encourage you to take 15 minutes. Talk about a breakthrough….
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