TWIN Member Events

June 1 – 3, 2022,
Wednesday - Friday
TWIN Impact 2022
Miami Beach, Florida
Save the date for TWIN Impact 2022, themed TRANSCEND, June 1 – 3, 2022, at the spectacular New World Center in Miami Beach, Florida. We hosted Global there in 2016 and we’ve been eager to return. They’re a true partner. Their co-founding CEO, Howard Herring, is a long-time TWINian. Their team and facilities are second-to-none. We’ll have some new formats to share, all focused on YOU, your missions and building your network of allies. Registration is now open.
May 18, 2022,
Synchronicity Calls!
You never know whom you’ll meet. The speakers will be YOU. I’ll facilitate a fast-cycle randomly-generated meet or re-meet with your fellow TWINians who plan to join us either in person or virtually for TWIN Impact 2022. This is your opportunity to connect with some of your fellow TWIN Impact 2022 delegates… get a jump on the program and meet some compelling, meaningful, all-around-great people.
April 20, 2022,
TWIN Table: As the entire world experiences collective trauma, mental health has never been more important. Join us as Manuela Mischke-Reeds, Chief Mental Health Officer at Abroad, leads us through a short exercise in mental health and workplace resiliency. Learn effective strategies for burnout, walk out and stress overload.
April 7, 2022,
Special Invitation for TWINians — EXPO Chicago Returns!
TWIN Sibling Event: As a TWINian, you are invited to the VIP Opening Preview of EXPO CHICAGO on April 7th at noon. EXPO Chicago is a preeminent global art fair and is led by longtime TWINian, Tony Karman. Join us as EXPO Chicago reemerges with a strong list of international dealers, critically acclaimed programming, and fantastic contemporary art. RSVP for you and a guest here:
February 14, 2022,
Abraham Accords: Building a Path Toward Peace and Prosperity

Mr. Thomas Bruns
Regional Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Dept of Commerce

Honorable Bonnie Glick
Founding Director
Center for Tech Diplomacy Purdue University
Former Deputy
Administrator/COO, USAID
February 1, 2022,
The Nexus: Augmented Thinking for a Complex World
Globally-renowned designer and change catalyst Bruce Mau spoke for our Global event in 2010. Dean Julio Ottino has been an active TWINian for years. If you were with us at Global 2017, you’ll recall his presentation regarding “Whole Brain Thinking”… fundamental to the transformation he’s led at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering (my alma mater). I consider Dean Ottino to be one of the top academic leaders at work today.

In May, Julio and Bruce will launch a new book, NEXUS: Augmented Thinking for a Complex World, with MIT Press. Join us to learn more about their inspiring, practical… even essential… synthesis between art, technology and science. If you’d like to live a more fulfilling life– and especially if you’re wondering what educational preparation your children need to thrive long-term— join us for this session.

Julio and Bruce are two of the most interesting, broad, deep and diverse thinkers I know. I can’t wait to share this Table with you.
January 19, 2022,
Global Supply Chain Update… and Future
Something’s amiss in our global supply chains. We wanted a better picture and prognosis, so we reached out to TWIN connective. Who better to ask than TWIN Patron Mark Dancer, a Fellow with the National Association of Wholesale Distributors and founder of the leading network of distribution professionals.

Mark invited Graybar’s CEO, Kathy Mazzarella, to share her perspective regarding what to expect in 2022 and how her team is navigating. Graybar one of the world’s largest B2B distribution companies and a member of the Fortune 500 with over $7 billion in 2020 revenues.

Join us to meet Kathy and Mark and consider how these issues impact each of us as business leaders, investors and citizens.
December 20, 2021,
Reflections & Projections
During this session, YOU share what you’ve learned in 2021 and some of your objectives, goals, interests for 2022. Share your questions and missions for 2022 with fellow TWINians. It’s difficult for us to help each other if we don’t know what we’re seeking.
December 2, 2021,
What is a Person? with Anthony Howard, Business Philosopher
During TWIN Virtual in September, Anthony asked an intriguing—and important—question, “What is a Person?” This is a pivotal question most of us don’t consider. In an increasingly AI-infused world it’s one we should.

Based in Australia—and joining our TWIN Tables at crazy-early times of his morning!— Anthony is one of the most thoughtful and credible voices I know, bringing philosophical, ethical, even epistemological questions to practical matters of business and everyday life. He’s also author of Humanise—why human-centered-leadership is the key to the 21st century. You can also find an interview with Anthony in CEO Magazine here.
November 23, 2021,
Howard Behar: Culture, Purpose & Servant Leadership
This is a truly special opportunity. If you don’t know of Howard Behar, then you don’t know Starbucks. I’ve heard of Howard’s contributions for years as the “heart and soul” of Starbucks… and his essential role as “the other Howard” at Starbucks. Last week I emailed him out of the blue and he accepted.

Howard is one of the world’s leaders regarding culture, purpose and servant leadership. What it means to really LIVE these broad, nuanced, essential concepts, and to do so in the context of a rapidly scaling global enterprise. As Howard told me, “I’m 77 years old, and I want to share these ideas with as many people as possible.” We’re eager to learn from the master. And remember, at TWIN Tables, YOU’RE on the screen, too. This isn’t a webinar!
October 27, 2021, Wednesday
TWIN Table: Hybrid Work, Hybrid Lives
Join us to explore the who, what and why of returning to “offices” and in-person gatherings– and when to remain at-home inside the Internet. The topic arose often during TWIN Virtual, which was itself emblematic of the transitions in our lives, which won’t stop after Covid fades.

So, we’ve asked two TRUE experts in this arena. Andrea and John spend most waking hours considering related topics… to open our TWIN Table with their insights. (Incidentally, John Bremen is one of my best friends from college and Andrea was one of our founding student leaders while she was at Kellogg. A true homecoming for all of us!)

John Bremen
Managing Director and Chief Innovation & Acceleration Officer
Willis Towers Watson

Andrea Hanson
VP, Experiences + Devices Strategy
July 28, 2021,
Accelerating the AI Journey with Responsible and Trusted AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become the frontier for digital transformation. That said, many companies are struggling to get real business value and many ML projects have been stalled due to risk and compliance concerns. 96% of organizations run into problems with AI and ML projects due to a lack of trust in data and models across siloed functions, according to a Dimensional Research report. And, according to VentureBeat, 90% of ML models never even make it into production.

Join Board Advisor Suraj Madnani and Chairman Manoj Saxena of the Responsible AI Institute for our July TWIN Table event: “Accelerating the AI Journey with Responsible and Trusted AI.” During the session, we will discuss the important role of responsible AI in driving end-to-end transparency and trust. The event will include breakout rooms where TWINians can connect and discuss trust concerns with AI in their industries as well as approaches to making AI more responsible.

Suraj Madnani
Board Advisor, Responsible AI Institute

Manoj Saxena
Chairman, Responsible AI Institute

June 9, 2021,
How Wellbeing Unlocks Innovation
In this session, TWINIAN Justin Milano will share Abroad’s 5+ years of global research on the wellbeing of leaders as a path to increased performance and innovation.

The session will include multiple breakout rooms where TWINIAN’s can connect and explore the exciting possibilities of a future where leaders can create outsized impact, and feel balanced and well while they do it.
Serendipity Table
SERENDIPITY CALLS!, Join us power our TWIN Serendipity Engine. Meet fellow TWINians in a facilitated format. It will be unexpected, fun… and it might change your life! If you do ONE thing with TWIN this month… do this. As we say, “Never leave serendipity to chance.”
May 12, 2021,
New Global ISO Innovation Standards— and what they mean for your business
If you lead innovation for a corporation, NGO or government organization, join this TWIN Table!

The international business standards body, ISO, recently launched a new worldwide set of standards for innovation management processes. Brett Trusko, Ph.D., played a significant leadership role for this global initiative, along with TWINians from Norway, Denmark, Japan and elsewhere. Brett will be joined by corporate innovation leaders from the International Association of Innovation Professionals– a group he leads and co-founded– in a roundtable format to explore what the new standards might mean for your business.
May 5, 2021,
The Art & Science of Cultivating Influence, with Jon Levy, Ph.D.
Jon Levy wrote a book, You’re Invited: The Art & Science of Cultivating Influence. Expect some unexpected turns, and a lot of fun with your fellow TWINians. Jon will help ensure we don’t leave serendipity to chance.
April 28, 2021,
Opera Arts Table
For lovers, students and supporters of the performing arts, join us for The Future of Opera
April 07, 2021,
Better Elections, Better Democracy
Entrepreneur and non-profit leader Katherine Gehl, co-author with Michael Porter of The Politics Industry, will share her crusade to implement a new form
of voting state-by-state, nationwide, that recently passed into law in Alaska. The methodology has the potential
to dramatically improve the civility, effectiveness and quality of America’s public sphere, even with just a few more states signing on. I’m a huge fan of Gehl and her work… and Alaska has already adopted Gehl and Porter’s system. Gehl’s idea has a REAL chance to meaningfully enhance our nation’s political life— and our future.
April 01, 2021,
Serendipity Table
SERENDIPITY CALLS!, Join us power our TWIN Serendipity Engine. Meet fellow TWINians in a facilitated format. It will be unexpected, fun… and it might change your life! If you do ONE thing with TWIN this month… do this. As we say, “Never leave serendipity to chance.”
March 24, 2021,
TWIN Roundtable
Our TWIN Futures Team member Chris Gebhardt, founder of Stir Strategy & Story and former EVP of Participant Media, will host a roundtable about the rapidly expanding field of Impact Investing. It’s about far more than most realize. Be part of a group of TWINians eager to explore and advance the frontiers of profit + purpose.
March 11-13 , 2021,
Thursday – Saturday
Nowhere Fest
Jon and team are inviting TWINians to join the event with all proceeds supporting the charity Helping Hearts NYC… and the ticket price for the entire program ranges from $100 to … $5 (yes, that’s FIVE dollars).
You choose. Purchase tickets here:
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