Nora LaTorre has a knack for building movements that transform our world. As CEO of Eat REAL, Nora leads the nonprofit on the quest to make food at U.S. schools more nutritious so children can lead happy, long, and healthy lives on a planet that sustains them. Her role at Eat REAL combines her passions for sustainability, nutrition and creating a brighter world for generation Alpha.


Nora is an expert on food sustainability and food system transformation. Prior to joining Eat REAL, Nora was employee #3 and Head of Sales at the agtech ‘for good’ startup Ganaz. Previously, she was VP of Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail at Fair Trade USA which is a leading certification where she advised global companies. Nora launched her career working in Global Apparel Sourcing at Target Corporation where she championed foundational thinking around sustainability. 


Nora is energized by supporting individuals, teams and organizations to thrive. She enjoys creating the strategy, infrastructure and vision to scale impact. She has broad experience helping leaders achieve their goals while also improving lives and protecting the planet. She regenerates climbing, hiking and trail running in the mountains with her family.