Marques Anderson, M.Sc., is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, and consultant working at the intersection of exponential technologies, global project development, and leadership. After a professional pivot from the NFL in 2006, Marques founded and directed the World Education Foundation, which strategically bridges the gap between academia, technology, and implementation in local communities around the world. He brings 13+ years experience in providing instruction and training in innovation processes, integration of technologies and leading professional and academic teams across geographical boundaries. As an alumni of Singularity University’s Global Impact Challenge, sponsored by NASA and Google, Marques is an expert in identifying future trends and bringing ambitious ideas to reality. He has leveraged his experiences to become an exponential technology entrepreneur, focused on global challenges and impact solutions. Marques has earned a B.A. in American Literature and Culture from UCLA and a Masters in Adult Learning and Global Change form Linköping University in Sweden.