John Simidian is an internationally recognized creative event professional with more than twenty years of experience in live commercial music entertainment. He has extensive knowledge of both agency and client-side business and an impressive track record of creating, running and promoting events and their associated intellectual property worldwide.  


In 2013, Zero G Colony was created when John met Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson at the Singapore Grand Prix and agreed to a deal with him and Virgin Galactic, to stage the events and buy the exclusive rights to the music performances in space. 


Zero G Colony is a brand-new major entertainment property designed to satisfy the increasing public and media appetite for space travel, music and futurology. It has been designed as a massive media platform, designed to highlight how technology and science can be harnessed to solve many of humankind’s most formidable problems, including climate change, air, soil and water pollution and epidemics. Zero G Colony will produce a series of annual events at Spaceport America in New Mexico, featuring, amongst many other elements, the first ever superstar live music performances from space. 


Each year, Zero G Colony will adopt one of the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals and use its media influence to highlight and urge global action. In year one, ZGC will pledge to join the worldwide movement aiming to plant a trillion trees, using high tech drones, in order to help reverse climate change. ZGC will itself plant a 100 million trees alongside its partners, sponsor and artistes. Additionally, revenues from a global lottery to win a seat next to the superstar astronauts will be donated to charity. 


Billed as a galactic music experience, the events will also present multi-artist performances on the ground, luxurious hi-tech accommodation, a future technology expo and keynote speeches and presentations from world leaders in the science, medical, technology and communications industries. The headliner and astronaut for the first event is provisionally confirmed as Lady Gaga. The three-day event will be broadcast on television, online and in theatres throughout the world. 


ZGC has secured an exclusive 5-year deal with Virgin Galactic to provide the space travel element of the events. Virgin Galactic has recently conducted a series of successful test flights, including taking their first passenger to space in February 2019, and is the world’s most advanced operator in the lucrative commercial space flight sector. Sir Richard Branson expects to be one of the first commercial passengers sometime during 2019. 


Before Zero G Colony, John Executive Produced F1 RocksTM, the global event and TV business under license from Bernie Ecclestone, bringing the worlds of Formula 1 and Entertainment together. John booked acts such as Beyoncé, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem and many more to star in his F1 RocksTM TV show which regularly hit 50+m viewers worldwide.


Before F1 RocksTM other key roles included commercial management of the Spice Girls SPICEWORLD tour, launching Mid_land_ the world’s largest temporary building hosting 17 gigs, and managing all celebrity endorsement deals for Avon Cosmetics.


British born, John brought his business to the United States in 2013 and lives with his wife and two children in Los Angeles, California.