David Kirkpatrick is a journalist, founder of Techonomy Media, and author of the best-seller “The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World.”  Techonomy’s conferences gather leaders to discuss how tech changes everything and to figure out how to make a better world. For 2018 our theme is “Harnessing Tech for Responsible Growth,” and topics include industries arising from the intersection of tech and social change, along with darker topics like tech addiction and governing global tech giants. Techonomy 2018 is Nov. 11-13, 2018 in Half Moon Bay, California with John Chambers, Marissa Mayer, Tim Berners-Lee, Kai-Fu Lee, Rodney Brooks, among others. Mark Zuckerberg made his notorious remarks that it was a “crazy idea” that fake news affected the US election at the conference in 2016, in response to a question posed to him onstage by Kirkpatrick. The recent Techonomy NYC included Chris Hughes, Martin Sorrell, Brad Smith, and Jeffrey Sachs.


Kirkpatrick’s book is in 32 languages, including Catalan, Vietnamese, and Croatian. Kirkpatrick continues following Facebook and the internet giants closely.